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Our History

As a young boy I was surrounded by entrepreneurs: both grandfathers & uncle running several businesses of their own; as well as adventurers: father and older brother both being merchant fleet captains travelling the oceans.


After finalizing my Masters of Laws studies, majoring in contract law and maritime law, I chose the adventurous way becoming a professional within the logistics industry and travelling the World. It was a time during which I have had a great professional as well as personal journey, learning the ropes and skills of becoming a true master of operational excellence and continuous improvement.


The entrepreneur has been more in the background but the idea and desire to become a real one, managing my own company, has always been there. Now time has come to realize my full potential as an entrepreneur in my own Company.

- Patrik Backman, Principal & Founder


What We Do!

It started already in the 19th Century. Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian mathematician and sociologist, studied the distribution of wealth in Italy and Switzerland. He discovered that 20% of the people controlled 80% of the wealth. The discovery Pareto published at the University of Lausanne in 1906, the so called 80/20-rule, later found to be true also in many other areas outside mathematics.


One person generalizing the 80/20-rule was Edwards Deming, know as the "father" of quality work, TQM. Deming assisted the Japanese after World War II to rebuild Japanese industry. His work has lead to companies like Toyota are working with Kaizen - continuous improvement in steps.


This is what CiCONS do: - Continuous improvement CONSulting - helping organisations, teams and people to transform into their best selves through operational excellence, the power of a lot of small incremental changes and continuous improvement.

Continuous Improvement
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