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Agile project management



Agile Project Management

Early delivery of business value in projects. CiCONS do agile project management which is running projects with an agile mindset. Everyday do things better than the day before. The project team will continuously learn and improve ways of working throughout the whole project.

Management Systems

Achieve higher, more secure, operating efficiency. Processes and standards are a foundation for operational excellence and continuous improvement. You will get this by implementing a management system delivering customer value with less effort. CiCONS have extensive experience from ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001.

Management Systems
Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping

Deliver customer value with minimum use of resources. A value stream map of your existing business will clearly show where and why improvements are needed in order to create value for your customers more efficiently and effectively. Making a future state value stream map of the desired "to be" situation makes the picture complete with what improvements are needed.

Process Improvement Workshops

Make one of your processes flow. When you have a process not delivering enough customer value we facilitate a Process Improvement Workshop together with your team, focusing on the area needing a rapid improvement, reducing waste and creating flow.

Process Improvement Workshop

Morning Markets - daily steering

Instantly increase productivity, capacity and flexibility for the team. Morning markets is a foundation for team's effectively and efficiently dealing with challenges doing daily continuous improvement.

Daily Management

Powerful Management Habit

See 96% more improvement potentials by establishing a structured habit to go where the real action is, observe, analyze and then improve. We call it "Go to the Gemba" or "Genchi Genbutsu" as they say in Toyota meaning "Go see for yourself what is really going on".

Gemba Walks

Strong Culture Driver

Order and remedy is very underestimated as a strong driver of culture. Learn and implement how to make this part of your company culture. In Lean it is called 5S.

5S Order & Remedy
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