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Testimonials & Recommendations

"It is with pleasure I am able to recommend my colleague Mr. Patrik Backman as a dedicated and focused professional advisor to you.

Over the years of working with Patrik I have always enjoyed our interactions, valued his advice and guidance and in particular benefitted from his experience and unique insight in making complex problems very simple.

Patrik is a seasoned Lean Management practitioner and these skills he has used to benefit our entire Nigerian organisation with the roll of out several of DHL's First Choice tools at workshops in country.

I am happy to answer further questions on his skill set and personal working relationships and training skills as required and can be contacted as below. My thanks"

Heather Frankle, Country Managing Director, Nigeria

DHL Global Forwarding

"Patrik is full of energy and concrete ideas which was very valuable. Despite a short schedule Patrik managed to structure, organize and roll-out one of Port of Gothenburg’s compliance projects, delivering the required technical and organizational activities with high quality. As a result we increased employee awareness, knowledge and ability to follow new organizational procedures. I appreciate Patrik’s efficiency to independently drive and follow through the project in a challenging context. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Patrik for any management consultancy job needing positive energy, drive and ability to follow through."

Malin Collin, Vice President Business Support, Port of Gothenburg

"When in dire need to make quick turnaround in our airfreight product in Sweden, Patrik made a fantastic job in the shortest of times as project manager and change agent. In less than two months the entire mindset of our people in the whole product organization changed and we managed to create a much-needed Winning Business Mindset, seeing clear visible results already after one month. I'm very satisfied and recommend him to anyone who need someone who can make a big difference. Patrik is a great supportive person, who is always very professional and positive in his approach."

Ulf Nilsson, CEO Nordics & Baltics, DHL Global Forwarding

"To the point, very accurate and with very little effort, Patrik was capable to contextualize a Change Management tool in improving our missions' efficiency. Patrik made things easy, showed how it is done so I could make it myself and hereby creating real value instantly. Patrik is passionate about the things he does, very supportive and he serviced me efficiently with a big smile. Patrik get my warmest recommendations to anyone who needs practical organizational development support."

Othmar KOBLER, Organizational Development Manager / Office of the Director-General, International Committee of the Red Cross

"Ridiculously efficient" is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Patrik. I've had the pleasure of knowing Patrik for over 20 years, during which I have been his direct manager a large portion of the time. Above all, I am impressed with Patrik's ability to deliver projects on time, within budget and getting results way beyond expectations using his vast knowledge within continuous improvement. And, of course, his excellent people and facilitation skills in leading his teams and stakeholders. Patrik would be a true asset for any client requiring delivery of improvements in any form and Patrik comes with my heartfelt recommendation."

Roger Olsson, retired CEO Sub-Sharan Africa, DHL Global Forwarding

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"It is very rare to have the opportunity to report to a leader who is both a coach and mentor at same time but I did when working for Patrik.

It was a pleasure to work for him for three years at DHL Global Forwarding, when Patrik lead Sub-Regional Performance team for Sub-Saharan Africa.

I was always admiring Patrik's ability to command a room and get people on board with strategy, direction and ideas, even people who initially where on completely different pages.

When leaving meetings everybody felt we had a clear sense of direction, where moving into the future and being led by a very supportive and positive leader. Anyone would be lucky to have Patrik as a leader, mentor or coach."

Anton Sverchkov,

BPM Operations Manager

DHL Global Forwarding

Sub-Saharan Africa

"CiCONS are our advisors in all aspects of continuous improvement & organizational development!"

Magnus Lund, CEO, Copperberg

"When joining the South Africa team I met a great supporter, my functional manager Patrik. I worked with Patrik for almost two years and he made my job so much easier by always being there, coaching, training and supporting me and my team to get the necessary improvement work done. He has vast knowledge in continuous improvement, Lean & Six Sigma, and a great, positive way of guiding anyone through difficult, complex tasks, achieving great results. So if you need to improve your business quickly, hire Patrik!"

Grayson Downs, LSSBB, Head of BPO

DHL Global Forwarding, South Africa

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