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Elevate Customer Satisfaction and Boost Profits

Experience a rise in customer satisfaction and enhanced profits through the implementation of operational excellence within a culture of continuous improvement. To kickstart this transformation, it requires passionate engagement from management and a unified sense of direction among all team members.

Increase Customer Satisfaction & Profits

Strategic Direction and Action Planning

Gain a clear roadmap towards your goals during our intensive two-day session. Together, we'll develop a targeted action plan for cultivating an operational excellence and continuous improvement culture within your company. This process involves a comprehensive assessment of your current situation, a seminar to guide the way, and a hands-on workshop where we prioritize and outline the key actions to initiate your transformative journey

Clarity on Direction & Plan


Key is to use a focused, leveraged implementation approach taking into consideration your strategy, current situation and pre-requisites. Very important in this phase is to start to consider why, what & how to do the change management parts.

Current Ways of Working Assessment

Focus in this phase is to assess how you work today and make a prioritization on what needs to be done, in what order to gain maximum effect over time. The assessment is based on your strategy and industry best practice.


Using the Small Improvements-Big Difference-approach we together chose an area where your customer value creation is very big and your aim with the program is shown. After the pilot we will see very clear visible improvements in this area, which is something we leverage as a showcase in the further roll-out, assisting the change management aspect of the whole program.

Current ways of working

Implementation & Continuous Improvement

Since we are changing the company culture it takes time and therefore perseverance is key to continue the journey of positive incremental changes. Rest assure since we are in this together we will make sure we will overcome any obstacles we might face on the road to become a true continuous improvement company culture. Based on your needs and wants CiCONS will act as experts, project leaders, change agents, trainers, coaches and more.

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